Where to Stay?

There are several places to stay while in Guanaja. Guanaja Online provides is viewership with solid recommendations to operators in the hospitality industry with a solid track record of providing a quality stay in Guanaja. The members of Guanaja Online are active participants in our community and know the landscape well. Visit us as you are able.

What to Do?

There is no shortage of something to do in Guanaja. But without a doubt, visiting Bonacca, Dunbar Rock, and Guanaja's waterfall are among the top attractions in the area. It should go without saying that Scuba Diving and Snorkeling are also in high demand and availble year round. Guanaja is arguably the most exclusive and remotes of the Bay Islands.

Where to Dive?

Finding a good place to Scuba Dive in Guanaje is simply. After all, Guanaja is one of the three Bay Islands and it sits on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. What we'll focus on here is making sure you get the right dive operator to take you to and from the dive site. Dive operators are not make equal, so we've found the industry leaders here.  

“Guanaja is so unique, it is the 'Venice' of the Caribean. We are so delighted we went and enjoyed the people, the waterfall, and of course - the and only Bonacca!”